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Mind-body synergy is the gateway to overall wellbeing. Support your mind and body as it ages with Amrit Kalash—a next gen antioxidant duo drawn from the ancient Ayurvedic texts. Research indicates these two potent formulas promote mind-body coordination, immunity, digestion, and vitality. Be your best every day.

Amrit Kalash: The Ultimate Antioxidant Elixir

A synergistic daily duo for overall health & longevity.

Ambrosia Tablets

Nectar Paste

Amrit Kalash is the rasayana (rejuvenative) of rasayanas, the quintessential Ayurvedic herbal compound. It contains dozens of powerful Ayurvedic herbs and fruits—like ashwagandha, gotu kola, and amla—all potent standalone rasayanas. Amrit is a two-part formula that includes 1) Ambrosia Tablets and 2) Nectar Paste (also available in sugar-free tablet form). Take both together daily, and take your wellness to the next level.

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Vitality Synergistic Daily Duo

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The original, classic Amrit duo! Take the paste and tablets together daily for optimal mind-body benefits. 

+ Amrit Kalash Nectar Paste

A sweet, herbal full-spectrum antioxidant paste that helps boost digestion, immunity, and brain health. 

+ Amrit Kalash Ambrosia Tablets

A potent herbal formula that helps to balance the mind and emotions.

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more effective than vitamins C or E


published scientific studies


synergistic herbs


meticulous steps to prepare it


lbs of raw ingredients to make a single jar


It takes 250 meticulous steps to prepare a single jar of Amrit Kalash, and 22 pounds of raw herbs—many medhya herbs, or brain tonics. We measure the botanicals in precise proportions and slow-cook them to protect their vital nutrients, using state-of-the-art food technology and traditional “antiquity processing” for optimal potency and purity. The end result is an herbal masterpiece that infuses mind and body with vitality.

What's in Amrit?


There are 53+ synergistic botanicals in every jar, including:


helps your mind & body naturally adapt to stress

Amalaki (Amla Berry)

contains vitamin C, promotes bliss, beneficial for the heart & muscles


aids digestion, absorption & immunity

Gotu Kola

promotes mental clarity, learning, retention & recall


enhances metabolism, nourishes the entire body, promotes ojas (life essence)

Indian tinospora

boosts immunity, has rejuvenative properties


Studies show Amrit is good source of phytochemicals

These are naturally beneficial plant compounds:

+ Vitamin C

antioxidant, beneficial for growth, maintenance

+ Vitamin E

nourishes vision, brain & skin

+ Polyphenols

beneficial for blood & heart

+ Bioflavonoids

help cellular activity

+ Beta carotene

bolsters your cells against the effects of stress

+ Catechins

free-radical scavengers

+ Tannic acid

has antioxidant properties

+ Resveratrol

has antioxidant properties


The ancient Vedic texts tell the story of Samudra Manthan, “The Churning of the Ocean.” Humanity was steeped in suffering, so the Devas (gods) and Asuras (demons) churned the mighty ocean. From its waters, emerged Amrit Kalash—the Nectar of Immortality. 

In the 1980s, our founder—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi—gathered India’s top Ayurvedic scholars and physicians to revive this ancient formula. His vision: a special class of elixirs that would help people sustain vibrant health and wholeness. The end result is the Amrit Kalash we offer today: a powerful rasayana that nourishes mind, body, and spirit in a holistic, balanced way.

Grounded in Ancient Ayurveda…

The Charaka Samhita, the oldest existing Ayurvedic text, says that Amrit Kalash:

Enhances longevity

Boosts memory

Sharpens the intellect

Lends a glow and aura to the skin

Improves the quality of the voice

Makes speech more effective

Increases the stamina of the senses

Keeps the body and the mind youthful

…Researched by Modern Science

Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine & other journals indicates that Amrit Kalash:

Is an effective full-spectrum antioxidant

Has at least 1000x more effective antioxidant power than vitamins C or E

Helps eliminate free radicals, the key cause of aging

Boosts immunity

Nourishes the brain




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Got questions about how to boost your vitality, or Ayurveda in general? Check in with our in-house health coach Amy Reyes.

Amy earned her Bachelors in Ayurvedic Wellness from Maharishi International University in Fairfield, IA where she has been living for three years. She specializes in taking pulse, herbs, yoga asanas, daily routine, essential oils, mental clarity, and other lifestyle modifications to bring balance to the body and mind. She tailors highly individualized wellness programs for customers to best meet their needs. 

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Amy Reyes - Maharashi Ayurveda in-house health coach


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Supercharge your day the Ayurveda way! Check out these vitality-boosting daily rituals to help you feel your best.

How To: Tongue Scraping


How to: Oil Pull


How To: Practice Abhyanga with Amy


How to: Perfect the Art of Sukh Pranayama

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Make time each day for exercise, rest, and relaxation with these simple, effective Ayurvedic daily practices.

Yoga Asanas

Tone your body and increase circulation with this easy, 15-min set of Ayurvedic poses. 


Gandharva Veda Music

Create harmony in mind, body, and spirit throughout the day by listening to Maharishi Gandharva Veda Music. Attune yourself to nature’s rhythms! Subscribe at and get a free month-long trial.

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Transcendental Meditation

Daily meditation practice—especially Transcendental Meditation—helps purify mental stress and awakens your body’s innate healing mechanisms. Learn more at

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Start your morning with a gentle walk to  jumpstart your metabolism and uplift your mood all day long. 


Suggested Foods

These tasty kitchen staples help you shore up your vitality naturally.

Mangoes Raisins Grapes Pears Figs Dates


Mangoes, dates, figs, pears, apples (cooked), raisins, and grapes are Ayurvedic super fruits.

Chard Bok Choy Spinach


Leafy greens like spinach, chard, and bok choy are hydrating, nutrient-rich, and contain prana (life-supporting energy).

Rice Amaranth Millet Quinoa Grains


Whole grains like basmati rice, quinoa, millet, amaranth, and rye are rich in nutrients.


Amrit Nectar Tonic

Enjoy an Amrit Nectar Tonic before bed, and upon rising for the ultimate rejuvenation tonic to deeply nourish and strengthen your body and mind.

Key Ingredients

1 cup organic cow’s milk (or 1 cup almond milk)

1 rounded teaspoon Amrit Nectar Paste

Optional: pinch cinnamon or cardamom

See full recipe

Date Milk Shake

This sweet, frothy date shake makes a great breakfast or a healthy afternoon pick-me-up snack.

Key Ingredients

4-5 whole dates (Medjool variety or similar is best)

1 cup whole organic milk (preferably not homogenized)

A pinch of cinnamon

See full recipe

Golden Glow Tonic

Add a shimmering radiance to your complexion.

Key Ingredients

· 1 cup water

· ½ tsp. ground ginger

· ½ tsp. ground turmeric

· 1 teaspoon honey

· Juice of half a lemon

· Juice of one carrot

· Sparkling water for topping (optional)

See full recipe

Daily Diet Tips

Feeling dull and sluggish? Skip the energy drinks and sugary snacks, and try these natural, Ayurvedic vitality tips instead!

Kickstart your day with warm cereal or cooked fruit. 

Power up with power grains like quinoa, rye, amaranth, and millet.

Awaken your taste buds with digestion-boosters like ginger, cumin, and cardamom.

Skip the cuppa Joe. Try Raja’s Cup for a natural energy boost.

For optimal digestive power, make lunch your biggest meal of the day. 

Eat a handful of soaked almonds a day. They’re rich in protein and boost ojas (life essence).

Eat naturally energizing whole grains, legumes, and fresh organic produce. 

Avoid processed, frozen, cold, and sugary foods and beverages, which can create ama (digestive toxins). 

Sip warm milk before bedtime. It’ll help you sleep, plus milk enhances ojas. Retire before 10 p.m. for a better night’s sleep.