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At MAPI, we take your privacy and security seriously.

Our e-commerce platform, is hosted on Shopify and has rigorous anti-hacking protocols in place. We do not host your individual account information locally in our offices, or on our local servers. All customer information is contained on the protected Shopify servers.

Currently your credit card information is saved, but we do not save your three digit security code.

If you ever receive an email from us that requests private account information, please do not click any links as it is most likely a hacking, or phishing scheme. We will not send out emails that request a login or private information. We suggest you go directly to our site and check your account information separately, or call us at (800) 255 - 8332 if you receive an email requesting private information. We would like to know about suspicious emails.

Our website should always be the primary URL that you are on when browsing our site. Any email links that take you to a different site are also likely a hacking, or phishing scheme

Your personal health, and the safety of your account and private information is our highest priority. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or comments.