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Love the great outdoors but dread pollen? You’re not alone: more than 50 million Americans experience from pollen issues each year. Some people also have year-round sensitivities to triggers like dust and pets (sorry, Spot!). Over-the-counter products offer temporary relief, but they often cause unpleasant side effects.

The Pollen Problem: An Annual Calendar*

(*Varies slightly from region to region.)


Tree pollen season starts!

Get your tissues ready and watch pollen levels online for the best days for outdoor activities.


April showers bring… flower pollen.

At dusk and dawn, pollen counts are highest—so try to plan your activities accordingly.


Tree pollen starts wrapping up (hooray!), but grass pollen begins.

Pollen counts tend to be higher on windy days and lower in rainy weather.


As days get warmer, grass pollen continues.

It’s natural to have good days and bad days, depending on the time of day, rainfall, and other factors.


Good news! Spring pollen is subsiding.

Unfortunately—if you’re allergic to mold and spores, they can cause issues at this time.


The heat and humidity can cause mold spores— which tend to accumulate on fallen leaves—to multiply!

Now’s a great time to invest in an air purifier, if you haven’t yet.


Now’s the time when ragweed and goldenrod can really cause challenges for some.

Keep the air purifier going, and hang in till the first frost.

The Ayurvedic Approach


Ease discomfort with synergistic herbal supplements.

Long term:

Address the root cause. Strengthen your immune system so you’re naturally more resilient to airborne allergens.

"The Ayurvedic approach to airborne and digestive irritants is gentle but effective. It’s more holistic, going beyond suppressing the problem and instead nourishes the entire body, mind, and spirit."

Śankari Wegman

Śankari Wegman

Ayurvedic clinician, lecturer & health coach for 20+ years. Clinical Coordinator, College of Physiology & Health, MIU.

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How can we help you?

Are You Sensitive to Airborne Irritants or Food Sensitivities? Let’s start with some short-term strategies.

What’s been bothering you the past few weeks?


I have sensitivities to pollen

"This herbal combination helps address not only the area where one might have discomfort (the sinuses), but also the root cause—low digestive fire.

Along with the herbal supplements, Clear Breathe Oil is wonderful for opening the airways through use with steam inhalation. I have seen family members who suffer from pollen sensitivity find relief and breathe freely with this combination."

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Sankari recommends:

Pollen & Sinus Sensitivity Set

$97.00 Was: $121.00

Protection Plus Sinuses, Aller Defense, Clear & Soothe Spray, Clear Breathe Oil, Sniffle Free Tea and Pitta Churna

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Sankari recommends:

Pollen & Respiratory Sensitivity Set

$97.00 Was: $121.00

Protection Plus Respiratory, Aller Defense, Clear Breathe Oil, Sniffle Free Tea, Organic Cooling Pitta Churna

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I have food sensitivities

"I have seen those who are suffering from food sensitivities slowly be able to re-introduce foods into their diet with this combination."

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Sankari recommends:

Food Sensitivity Duo

$48.00 Was: $60.00

Aller-GI & Digest Tone Triphala Plus

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I’m sensitive to things like mold, dust, and pet dander.

"Bio-Immune helps to keep the immune system strong while Aller-Defense helps to support your resistance to irritants—whether it is mold or pet dander. Moisturizing the sinuses with the Clear and Soothe Spray helps protect the mucus membranes from exposure to environmental irritants."

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Sankari recommends:

Dust & Dander Trio

$50.00 Was: $90.00

Aller Defense, Bio Immune, Clear & Soothe Spray

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Now, let’s talk long-term strategies.

According to Ayurveda, sensitivities to airborne irritants are connected to your immune system and digestive system. Supporting these functions naturally can make a big difference year round.

Great! I’d like to strengthen my immunity and digestion year-round.

"Just one small teaspoon of Amrit Kalash Paste taken with the Amrit Ambrosia tablets is enough for a daily immunity boost to both the mind and body. Amrit has an immense number of antioxidants and is a powerful way to keep the immune system strong. I love the taste and my kids have been enjoying it as well."

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Sankari recommends:

Vitality Synergistic Duo + Microbiome Boost

$140.00 Was: $160.00

Immunity - Amrit Kalash Paste and Tablets Combo
Digestion - Digest Tone Triphala Plus

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The Source of Pollen Sensitivity

Have you ever wondered why some people tend to be more sensitive than others to pollen from trees and flowers? Here’s the Ayurvedic take:

Allergen Sources

Springtime is Kapha season—a time governed by Kapha dosha, the mind-body element associated with earth and water. Kapha’s wet, heavy qualities

Allergen Sources

As the winter snow melts into spring puddles and muddles, the impurities stored in your body over winter begin to liquify. If the load is too heavy, these liquified impurities can clog your body’s srotas, or channels.

Allergen Sources

When the channels are blocked, nutrients aren’t properly delivered to your cells, and your immune system can become too overwhelmed to resist airborne irritants.

Allergen Sources

That’s why, when spring flowers burst into bloom and fill the air with pollen, your body’s defenses are being challenged!

Whether you suffer from seasonal pollen issues or year-round sensitivities to things like dust and pet dander, shoring up your immune system in the long-term can make a big difference.

Star Product

Sankari recommends:

Organic Clear & Soothe Nasal Spray

0.95 oz

This traditional Ayurvedic nasya (nasal) oil helps you moisturize and maintain moist sinuses. Your nose is the pathway to your brain and mind—this herbalized oil helps both to function at their best.


Make Clear & Soothe your travel companion for airline travel and other dry environments. Everyday Ayurveda Price: $9

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